Bigg Boss 16 December 8 LIVE: Soundarya accuses Tina of stealing food; Sreejita’s entry causes a stir


Image Source : INDIA TV Bigg Boss 16 December 8 LIVE

Bigg Boss 16 December 8 LIVE: In today’s episode, the contestants are going to witness a stir in the house as Sreejita De is going to re-enter the show as a wild card entry and few people might not like this surprise. Tina Datta is not the happiest to have Sreejita back, while Soundarya Sharma cannot seem to contain her excitement. Tina also asks Bigg Boss, “Meri Khushi Bardaasht nahi ho rahi this kya?’. Sreejita is here to make a dent, not only verbally, but also emotionally. As she is also seen hugging Shalin Bhanot just to expose Tina’s ‘fake’ love for him. It seems today is not the day for Tina as she also locks horns with Soundarya as the latter accuses her of stealing her food. Will the terms get settled between Sreejita and Tina? Keep a watch at this space for live updates.

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